‘Stranger Things’ Dustin Teases New Nerd Candy Collaboration, Asks Fans to Solve the Mystery of How They’re Made

If you love candy (and who doesn’t), you’ve certainly had your share of Nerds. Those tiny, freakishly-colored sugary pebbles are irresistible. We have no idea what’s in them or how they’re made – and honestly, we probably don’t want to know. It’s a mystery best left unsolved. We just want a bottomless supply of them.

Well, Gaten Matarazzo, best known as Dustin from sci-fi blockbuster series Stranger Things, is a “candy fanatic” just like us. The only difference is, he’s teamed up with Nerds to create a whole new version of the popular treat. They’re called Nerds Clusters, and they consist of globs of sweet gummy candy covered in crunchy, tangy Nerds.

“It’s a lot like Nerds Ropes, but they’re just in ball form, which makes it more fun in my opinion,” Matarazzo told People.

The sweet tooth has been posting about the product on social media and encouraging fans to dig deep in their imaginations and divine the candy’s origins. As for his best guess? “There’s wizards that live in the clouds that make them,” he said.


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We don’t really care how they’re made – we just want to shove them in our mouths by the fistful.

Cover Photo: Gaten Matarazzo

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