Bizarre Wedding Dance Ends Exactly How Their Marriage Potentially Will, With a Kick to the Face

Planning a wedding isn’t easy. To throw a large, elaborate wedding, there are a million moving pieces. The best way to keep your sanity on the actual wedding day is to realize that not everything will go as planned and that’s OK. The flowers might not be exactly the color you expected, the best man might be hungover and later than you’d like, uncle Tim might have a little too many wobbly pops and start rambling on about conspiracy theories that involve human trafficking in cabinets and wardrobes purchased off the internet. But the one thing you can never be prepared for is getting so out of control that you kick your recently married wife in the face in front of her friends and family.

That’s exactly what happened and lucky for us it was all caught on TikTok. When the video starts, the shirtless groom is seen strutting around like the biggest peacock in the bunch. It’s clear he’s feeling great (this is likely because of quite a bit of liquid courage). The anxiety and stress of the wedding day are over and it’s party time.


While we see the shirtless man walking into the shot, we see his wife (in her wedding gown) sitting in a chair. It’s assumed that for some reason he’s going to do some kind of Magic Mike-inspired, completely classy lap dance.


Everything is going as planned until he decided to try to whip his foot over her head and kicks her directly in the side of the face. It’s the kind of kick that Chuck Norris would applaud. He clobbers her chin so well we’re surprised she merely shook it off.

She attempted to laugh it off, but apparently was in such pain that she thought she might have a concussion. Needless to say, if this marriage lasts, they’ll be laughing about this ill-fated decision for the rest of their lives.

Photo: Westend61 (Getty Images)

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