The Mandatory Best Man’s Guide to Giving a Wedding Speech Nobody Will Forget

We’re at the peak of wedding season (whatever that means under the social-distancing umbrella of COVID-19), and a handful of best men are feeling the pressure— it’s time to make that speech. Not just any speech, the one that will shock and awe, the one that your soon-to-be-married best friend will reminisce about years from now on the porch with his significant other…if their “mawwiage” lasts that long.

That said, we’ve learned one very important thing from 2020: everything is fair game and expectations have been thrown out the proverbial window. That’s right, don’t worry about being a liability or a wildcard; feel free to enjoy the open bar a little bit too much. Fueled by bottom-shelf booze, tap into your jealousy, resentment, douchebag-ery, and give them a wedding speech nobody will forget. Have some fun with it. If you find yourself lacking creativity, here’s a guide to assist you in your intrepid quest.

Cover Photo: Corbis/VCG (Getty Images)

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