Donald Trump holds up his book The Art of the Deal at a campaign stop in November 2015 in Birmingham, Ala.

Art of the Spiel: The Mandatory Guide to Giving a Presidential Speech Nobody Will Forget

We give a lot of grief to Donald Trump and rightfully so. The guy is an idiot. But, it can be argued (by someone, somewhere, we’re sure), that one thing Trump is good at is making a deal. This will probably serve him well in the future when he’s forced to take a plea deal, but it has served him before as well.

Before Trump was the president of the United States (we still hate saying that), he was a businessman — an extremely notable businessman at that. Though he did file for bankruptcy and screw over, like, tons of people, he must have been somewhat successful because he made a lot of money for himself and others. In fact, his deal-making was so good (or whatever), that he even wrote a book about it.

The Art of the Deal was written by Trump (or, more accurately, probably dictated by Trump to an actual writer [Trump loves being a dictator]), in 1987 and it was probably meant to be read as a self-help book but, because it’s Donald Trump, it was more of a self-congratulatory book. Still, he made a lot of key points in the book that he would continue to live by, even as the president of the United States.

Any good businessman will tell you that to be a good salesman, you have to be a good public speaker. Definitions of “good” are subjective in this case, but Trump does know how to engage an audience. There are many similarities between cutting a good deal and giving a good speech and, after reading his book (don’t ever say we don’t suffer for you), we have compiled the perfect way to make a deal or give a speech, as told to us by the President himself. This is the Mandatory Guide to Giving a Presidential Speech Nobody Will Forget or, as we like to call it, The Art of the Spiel.

Cover Photo: Eric Schultz (Getty Images)

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