Make America Laugh Again: Every Time Trumps Uses ‘Radical’ in His RNC Speech Tonight Will Inadvertently Fund Racial Justice

One of the RNC’s primary goals is to paint the racial justice movement as an attempt to overthrow the American government by “radical” leaders. In response to that effort, Defeat By Tweet is launching its own RNC – the “Radical” National Challenge. Their goal is to raise $1M for “radical” racial justice organizations in one night on August 27th.

Donors sign up to donate every time Trump says the word “radical” during his keynote speech at the RNC. 100% of donations will go towards the Justice Fund, a syndicate of 22 Black-led and Black-centered community organizers working in the swing states. Every time Trump tries to harm this group of modern civil rights heroes and their organizations, his slanderous words will fund their movement.

Before Trump took office, he promised he’d stop tweeting, and now four years later, his tweets have caused damage in a myriad of ways. Defeat By Tweet was launched in late June to change that – at least for racial social justice leaders. The platform allows people to donate a few cents every time Trump tweets. As of August 22nd, the platform has raised over $1.2M, backed by 16K donors collectively donating more than $850 per tweet.

If the RNC has been maddening / triggering for you, don’t worry, Defeat By Tweet is putting on another RNC that will help – the “Radical” National Challenge. Defeat By Tweet is the new grassroots campaign where every time Trump tweets, they donate to swing state organizers working to ensure Biden beats Trump in the general election.

Throughout the week, Trump has tried to paint our modern-day heroes as evil “radicals.” Truth is, the heroes are always painted this way.

Defeat By Tweet lets you donate a few bucks to Black swing-state organizers every time 45 mentions the word “radical” during today’s speech. You can feel good knowing his lies and vitriol are funding the movement to kick him out of office.

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