Kimberly Guilfoyle
WASHINGTON, DC - AUGUST 24: Kimberly Guilfoyle pre-records her address to the Republican National Convention at the Mellon Auditorium on August 24, 2020 in Washington, DC. The novel coronavirus pandemic has forced the Republican Party to move away from an in-person convention to a televised format, similar to the Democratic Party's convention a week earlier. (Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

Former First Lady of San Francisco Kimberly Guilfoyle Perfects the Art of Hypocrisy After Bashing California at RNC With Her Nightmareish Screams

They say “the loudest voice in the room seldom belongs to the most intelligent mind.” Kimberly Guilfoyle certainly proved that during her recent speech at the RNC.

On Monday night, the prosecutor-turned-Fox News pundit took to the podium and started off at foghorn level. Before long, she was yelling at viewers. Her booming voice was so pronounced, it quickly inspired a slew of memes – and a trending hashtag, #Guilfoylechallenge.

The content of Guilfoyle’s speech was just as unmooring as her tone.

“Biden, Harris, and the rest of the Socialists will fundamentally change this nation,” she began. “They want open borders, closed schools, dangerous amnesty, and will selfishly send your jobs back to China while they get rich. They will defund, dismantle, and destroy America’s law enforcement. When you are in trouble and need police, don’t count on the Democrats.”

Then she turned her fear and fury tactics to the Golden State.

“If you want to see the Socialist Biden/Harris future for our country, just take a look at California,” she continued. “It is a place of immense wealth, immeasurable innovation, and immaculate environment, and the Democrats turned it into a land of discarded heroin needles in parks, riots in streets, and blackouts in homes.”

Last time we checked, California was the land of sunshine and surfing, home of the “happiest place on Earth,” and the subject of hundreds of nostalgic songs. Guilfoyle herself is a native Californian. She was born in San Francisco and studied at the University of California, Davis and the University of San Francisco. By the sound of her speech, though, you’d think California was a cesspool and a hellscape all rolled into one.

Perhaps her divorce tainted her perspective? The political hanger-on used to be married to (Democratic) California Governor Gavin Newsom. That she’s currently the girlfriend of Donald Trump Jr. boggles the mind but explains her sudden loyalty to the worst president in American history. We kind of feel for the guy, though. Given her broken volume control, we wouldn’t want to be within, um, shouting distance of her, much less up close and personal.

Cover Photo: Chip Somodevilla / Staff (Getty Images)

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