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Bernie Sanders Turns Inauguration Day Meme Into a Sweatshirt Benefitting Charity

Leave it to Bernie Sanders to take his recent internet notoriety and turn it into something good. In case you’ve been living under a rock, Sanders broke the internet on Inauguration Day with his grumpy old man pose at Joe Biden’s swearing-in ceremony. Sanders was wearing an unassuming snowboarding jacket, mittens made out of sweaters that a Vermont teacher gave him, and a disposable face mask. He could not have given less of AF.

The meme went viral, and Americans photoshopped Sanders into a slew of hilarious scenarios. But rather than waste his 15 seconds of online fame, the Vermont senator’s campaign created a sweatshirt plastered with the image and is selling it to benefit Meals on Wheels in his home state.

The Chairman Sanders Crewneck was made in the USA, union printed, and retails for $45. It sold out almost immediately and the lucky few who nabbed one won’t see it on their doorsteps for another four to eight weeks.

If you’re bummed that you didn’t get in on this awesome merch, don’t worry; plenty of makers around the country have taken this meme and run with it. Just type in “Bernie” on Etsy and you’ll find everything from keychains and mugs to clocks and compasses with his unenthused pose on it. Our favorite, though, is the crocheted Bernie doll.

Photo: Etsy

Unfortunately, you can only purchase the pattern for the doll for download and have to make it yourself. Also, none of these other Bernie products will benefit charity, so when you go on your Bernie merch shopping spree, make sure you save a few dollars to send to Meals on Wheels in Sanders’ honor.

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