bernie sanders

Bernie Sanders Looking Defeated on Capitol Steps Inspires ‘Schoolhouse Rock’ Meme (At Least He’s Still Good For Something)

Thank goodness for Bernie Sanders. Without the Vermont senator, there would be no lighthearted humor in Congress – or the entire U.S. government for that matter. There would also be fewer memes in this world.

Remember when “Uncle Bernie” appeared at Joe Biden’s 2021 inauguration looking defeated in a puffer coat and mittens? It was the photo that spawned 1,000 memes.

bernie sanders

Now, the 80-year-old beloved by young Democrats is going viral again – for an image that resembles the 1970s cartoon called Schoolhouse Rock! In the animated short, there’s a defeated-looking bill resting on the Capitol steps.

So, too, was Bernie Sanders on Sunday during an epic “vote-a-rama” that lasted 15 hours. It must have been so draining that Sanders had to take a breather at some point on the Capitol steps.

The original photograph was captured by Los Angeles Times photojournalist Kent Nishimura, but one clever Twitter user, Clayton Cubitt, a photographer himself based in New York City, made the comparison to Schoolhouse Rock! and it understandably went viral.

“It really do be like that,” Cubitt captioned the side-by-side images.

What were the politicos debating for so long? The Inflation Reduction Act, a $740 billion package that addresses the climate, healthcare, and taxes.

Luckily, the bill passed, so hopefully, Sanders’ outlook is a little brighter, and he’s standing a little taller, today.

Cover Photo: Kent Nishimura / Los Angeles Times (Getty Images)