12 Actually Great Tips to Giving the Best Man’s Speech No Guy Can Top

Photo: LumiNola (Getty Images)

When it comes to male friendship hierarchy, there’s no topping the designation of “best man” at a friend’s wedding. It means that not only are you the closest to your soon-to-be married friend, you’re also likely the most responsible and least likely to get so drunk that you make a spectacle of yourself. The second-best spot is the friend who gets so drunk he’s a liability. That’s a fun spot because nobody expects anything from you and, being a wildcard, you can always surprise people in a good way. But, back to the best man. This top friend position isn’t just a title you can use to lord over the rest of your obviously unworthy friends. You also have to make a very important, hopefully memorable (for good reasons) wedding speech.

In that vein, we decided to let you in on our top 12 tips to giving the best man’s speech none of our friends or family will ever top. Check them all out below.

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