Florida Man Burger

Meanwhile in Florida: Man Breaks Into Wendy’s, Makes Himself Late-Night Snack

We’ve all gotten hungry to the point of wanting to chew our own arms off. If you’re not willing to wait for a food-delivery service, you might make your way to a local fast-food spot and get your meal quicker. Or if you’re like Florida Man, you’ll wait for no one and just break into a restaurant and make a burger for yourself.

The Martin County Sheriff’s department arrested Patrick Benson after he broke into a local Wendy’s after business hours. While there, Benson decided to grill up some food because breaking and entering is apparently an intense workout and you need your protein.

Benson made off with a safe and is also being accused of hitting other local businesses. This real-life “Hamburglar” is allegedly responsible for breaking into another restaurant and attempting to hit a gas station. There are no reports of this dude trying to steal and eat gasoline, though.

If you’re hungry, we know how tempting it is to jump over a counter and grab the food yourself when the teenager at the register is halfway paying attention to your order. But maybe don’t do that because you don’t want to be labeled as a Florida Man yourself. Or do you?

Photo: THEPALMER (Getty Images)

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