Florida Man Arrested While Playing PokémonGo Because You’re Goddamn Right!

All good stories begin with “A Florida man…”

People are still playing PokémonGo, apparently. Leave it up to this Florida Man to continue playing the hottest mobile game of a few years ago whilst allowing police to lock him down on drug charges. Oh, Florida Man, never change.

The local sheriff’s department arrested Jonathan Ortiz, 29, when he was spotted in a park at 2 a.m. While that doesn’t sound like a crime, what they found with him most definitely fits the bill. Ortiz had an eight ball of cocaine, a pound of marijuana, and over 5 pounds of THC oil when he was trying to catch Pikachu. Ortiz was walking around after park hours when he was approached by a deputy. The officer saw marijuana in plain sight and conducted a further search of the suspect’s vehicle. They found a stash that would make anyone think the Pokémon on their phone are actually standing right in front of them.

When you’re out trying to catch ’em all, it’s a good idea not to have a ton of drugs on you because chances are you’re the one who’s going to get caught. If there’s a bright side to all this for Ortiz, at least a jail cell isn’t as cramped as a Poké Ball.

Photos: Olivia Harris (Getty Images); Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office

Meanwhile, in Florida…

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