Starbucks Coffee Delivery

Future Tech: Starbucks Delivery Means UberEats Will Likely Franchise Your Home

Photo: shapecharge  (Getty Images)

As restaurants continue to embrace delivery as a method of putting out their wares, there’s been an arms race afoot. All the major delivery apps are scrambling to pick up recognizable chains. Grab a big fast food hub and they’ll get your logos on locations across the country. It’s a win/win for everyone that results in hamburgers at your door. Or, if you’re just waking up, coffee. Starbucks has just signed a deal with UberEats to have their drivers deliver piping hot brew and biscuits to customers who don’t want to get too far out of bed.

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Of course, this didn’t come out of nowhere. Starbucks has been testing deliveries at around 200 locations in Miami for a good while. Those tests bore fruit, and now the program is expanding with UberEats as a partner. If you live in Chicago, Boston, Los Angeles, Washington D.C., or New York, your coffee is coming soon. Meanwhile, San Francisco residents can start grabbing Venti Mocha Frappuccino cups right now.

As is standard with UberEats orders, you’ll be paying a bit more for the delivery convenience. It’s $2.49 for booking on top of whatever you buy. (Driver’s tip not included.) Starbucks assured customers that they have custom packaging for deliveries so that their black gold stays warm until it touches your lips. Overall, you’ll be able to get just about everything off the menu using this method.

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Starbucks joins a growing list of popular chains going the delivery route. Fast-casual restaurants like Chili’s are all over GrubHub and Postmates, as well as more localized delivery services like Bite Squad. Meanwhile, big players like McDonald’s, Subway, and Sonic have joined with Starbucks under the UberEats banner. DoorDash also services McDonald’s, as well as chains that range from Checkers to Applebee’s. Of course, it all depends on your location, but it’s clear that you’ll be able to get just about anything delivered to your door in the very near future.