Loaded Blooming Onion with Fries, Cheese Sauce, Green Onion and Bacon

McDonald’s Cheesy Bacon Fries Have Us Chomping At The Bit

Photo: LauriPatterson (Getty Images)

McDonald’s has always had the market cornered on French fries. They’re universally known as the best fast-food spuds, swimming in all that sizzling fat that gives them their signature outer crunch while retaining a soft, fluffy center. The company has even registered the phrase “World Famous Fries®,” so, you’d think they couldn’t possibly improve on them.

Enter bacon. And cheese. That’s right, our neighbors abroad have been enjoying McDonald’s fries smothered in bacon and cheese for a while now while we’ve been eating them plain, like peasants! But that may be about to change because McDonald’s has been testing their Cheesy Bacon Fries in multiple local markets, which means that a national rollout could be imminent.

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Among the areas blessed with bacon-y goodness are northern California, Hawaii, and northern Nevada (including Lake Tahoe). Customers can purchase these premium potatoes either a la carte or as an upgrade to an Extra Value Meal. Um, forget Super Sizing. Bacon-ize us, please.

In addition to those lucky cities, Cheesy Bacon Fries are also available at the company’s West Loop location, situated at the ground floor of their global headquarters in Chicago, through the end of the year. This spot also features a rotating menu of popular items from Mickey D’s around the world, so you can get your hands on other unique treats from places like Hong Kong, Brazil, and France.

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These fries, however, hail from Australia and are served with a gooey layer of melted Cheddar cheese sauce, crowned with bacon bits. McDonald’s hasn’t confirmed if these special spuds will be any more than a regional, limited time offer like the McRib, but this is America, where bacon reigns supreme and high cholesterol is king. So, we say, give the people what they want. It may result in a World Famous Heart Attack®, but man, what a way to go.