Feast Your Eyes: Exotic Dancers Think Outside the Box to Deliver Food

In a time of uncertainty due to the coronavirus pandemic, small businesses are having to think outside of the box in order to turn a profit or, more importantly, still be able to pay their employees. With the unemployment rate at a record high, thousands of people are doing what they can to make a buck. The country’s systematic shutdown has been especially tough on the service industry — bars, restaurants, strip clubs and more. Because of this, one Portland, Oregon club owner decided to take matters into his own hands by having his exotic dancers provide, um, door-to-door service…but not in the manner one might expect.

Lucky Devil Eats (formerly Boober Eats, until Uber decided to spoil the fun by issuing a cease-and-desist) is the brainchild of club owner and operator Shon Boulden, who wanted to give his performers a chance to earn a little extra income by hand-delivering food from the club’s kitchen, straight to the doors of marks, er, customers. Clad only in undies, pasties and surgical masks (because safety first), these exotic dancers-cum-delivery girls will happily bring a wide array of delicious dinner options to those who are socially distancing but don’t actually know how to cook for themselves.

From burgers and chicken strips, to steak bites and chicken alfredo, each order is delivered with a smile and, if it takes longer than 30 minutes to get to you, a free lap dance! (OK, we made that part up, but how awesome would that be? Move over, Grubhub. You’ve been replaced.) No, the delivery women still abide by the “look but don’t touch” rule (which, in this day and age is both respectful and responsible), but they are more than happy to let you ogle.

Lucky Devil Eats exists not only to give its workers a bit of financial security but also gives you a chance to participate in the two best sins: lust and gluttony. This may be the apocalypse, but as long as there are still burgers and boobs in the world, we will fight for survival.

Cover Photo: Lucky Devil Lounge (Facebook)

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