New Yorkers Throwing ‘Corona Potlucks,’ Going to Need All the Luck They Can Get

There’s a reason why the term “covidiot” has become a thing, and that reason is New York (and, to be fair, Florida…definitely Florida). OK, it’s not the entirety of New York that is to blame; just a very select few New Yorkers. One of those few is a man named Lucian Wintrich, a former White House reporter who recently threw a “corona potluck,” which totally sounds like something a dude named Lucian Wintrich would do. He’s like an ‘80s teen movie villain.

So, this James Spader wannabe threw a party at his “small-but-chic” East Village apartment (aren’t they all?), complete with coronavirus denier-inspired invitations adorned with such gems as “Don’t wash your hands, bring your favorite dish!” and “They can’t diagnose us all!” Well, they can if need be and we have a feeling that Wintrich would be first in line at the local hospital if he had so much as a cough. And probably his parents would be paying for it.

Regardless, Wintrich said that the idea behind his potluck was partly done as a douchey homage to “chickenpox parties” that well-meaning-but-stupid parents threw for their children 30 years ago. “The majority of folks I invited, if they got it, would recover fairly quickly and build up an immunity to the present form of COVID-19,” he said.

Wintrich, like the idiots before him who are giving millennials a bad name, doesn’t seem to grasp the point that this isn’t fucking about him. The idea behind social distancing isn’t so “Lucian and his friends don’t get upset tum tums.” It’s to stop the spread of the virus to people who are immunocompromised and are more susceptible to the potentially deadly disease. But, fear not. Check back in a few days, because we’re sure to be running a headline that reads, “Remember Those Corona Potluck Dumbasses? Yeah, They Have Coronavirus Now.”

Cover Photo: bernardbodo (Getty Images)

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