16 Signs You’re a ‘Corona Chad’ (And Should Be Quarantined to Infinity)

There’s a new adversary afoot, and it isn’t coronavirus. No, it’s Corona Chad. The term, coined by Yascha Mounk in an article for The Atlantic, describes the kind of guy who gives the middle finger to any kind of precaution meant to protect himself or others from contracting – or spreading – COVID-19. A Corona Chad is a bro, but the most dangerous kind – he’s a risk-taker and science-denier who flouts social distancing and thinks isolation is for pussies. He’s young, dumb, and full of you know what. We’ll have these idiot assholes to thank for the merciless infection rate over the ensuing weeks and months in America. Concerned you might be one of these dudes? (If you really were, you probably wouldn’t care.) Read on to identify the 16 signs that you’re a Corona Chad – and should be quarantined indefinitely.

Cover Photo: simonkr (Getty Images)

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