McDonald’s Custom Shoes Come Sauce Packet Laces and a Pocket For Your Nuggets, Not Sure Whether to Wear or Eat Them


McDonald’s has been around since most of us have been alive. This includes some of our parents. It’s the most iconic fast-food restaurant not only in the US but in the world. In all honesty, it’s so popular that it probably doesn’t even need commercials or a social media presence to sell Big Macs, McNuggets, and McFlurries (are those still a thing?). But it still inundates us with commercials and even recently collaborated with rapper Travis Scott to sell his specific meal. This was the first time the fast-food chain gave a celebrity their own meal since Michael Jordan n 1992. But they didn’t wait almost 30 years to do it again.

Recently, McDonald’s launched a BTS X McDonald’s meal. If you don’t know BTS, they are a world-famous Korean boy band. They’re so popular that even the packaging from the meal has sold online for hundreds of dollars.


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Singapore-based artists Josiah Chua, like all of us, saw the hullabaloo the BTS packaging was creating and decided to do something (literally) constructive about it. He not only used the purple BTS-adorned packaging as inspiration but as the actual design for a pair of custom sneakers.

The base is a Nike Air Max Plus TN. He added parts of the shoe using McNugget box panels as well as pieces of a cup. Not only that, but the sneakers also actually have nugget holders attached to each side so you can eat your McNuggets on the go. To add to that, the lace tags are Cajun and Sweet Chili sauce containers.

Obviously, these shoes are custom-made and aren’t for sale. But if you want to make your own, we suggest simply taking a pair of old shoes and stapling a greasy French fries box to them.