Donald Trump Jr. Follows in Father’s Footsteps, Becomes Failed D-List Celebrity Selling Personalized Messages on Cameo

Let’s be honest, calling Donald Trump Jr. a D-List celebrity is flat-out flattery. In reality, he’s merely the spawn of a D-List celebrity (which puts him somewhere down near the bottom of the alphabet). Luckily for him, even that can earn you a buck or two on the internet these days thanks to celebrity messaging app Cameo.

But while selling your soul for $2,000 a minute is a great way to pay for a coke habit and decent caviar, it appears things aren’t all roses and sunshine for the firstborn son of America’s most Cheetoh-flavored ex-president.

In one Cameo clip that’s gone viral, a stoned-looking Don Jr. is seen congratulating a groom-to-be on passing his PE certification course (along with his engagement). While that sounds a little sad in and of itself, it’s the moment at the very end of the video that has folks talking.

After a grinning, glaze-eyed Junior rattles off a minute-long string of words (which many believe to be a coke-addled rant) the jolly facade of his mask drops for an instant as he flails for the off button on his camera. If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to look into a bottomless pit of sadness, watch the final seconds of the video below.

True, everyone looks a little confused in that split second of searching for the off switch while questioning every decision we’ve ever made in life. But if our dad had successfully gotten more than half the planet to hate us, entangled us in tens of millions of dollars in legal bills then forced us to record hacky videos for strangers to pay it off bit by bit because our other prospects had grown extremely thin, we’d be pretty bummed too.

We never thought we’d say this but we kind of feel bad for the guy. After all, he didn’t choose to be the moldy seed of a rotten orange tree. All party politics aside, is there any way to Make Junior Happy Again? Either way, we know who we’ll be purchasing our next Happy National Grief Awareness Day message from.

Cover Photo: Cameo via Donald Trump Jr. 

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