Meanwhile in London: Photos of World’s First Glass Sky Pool Opens, Adds Exciting New Way to Tease Death From Leisurely Activity

Life has a way of giving us so many things we never asked for. Like NFTs, a new Willie Wonka origin movie starring Timothy Chalamet, and a glass sky pool where highfalutin residents can swim between two luxury apartment buildings to borrow sugar from their neighbors.

In the latest architectural stunt to lure in wealthy property owners seeking modern amenities to brag about, the EcoWorld Ballymore’s Embassy Gardens development overlooking the River Thames in London has installed a ridiculous new feature to tease death in a state-of-the-art way.

Designed by Arup and Associates (the team behind the Sydney Opera House), the impressively opulent amenity is an architectural marvel that stretches 46 feet and holds 375 tons of water. Crafted by American aquarium designer Reynolds, the pool traveled from Colorado to London where it was lifted ten stories into the air and dropped into place by two cranes.

The pool’s grand opening was hosted by famed local DJ Roman Kemp and christened with a performance by synchronized swimming team Acrobatix, giving the groundlings below a whole new spectacle to crane their necks at, namely to watch the fabulously wealthy take leisure activities to dangerous new heights. Aside from being a streetside attraction, it’s also the perfect place for giant birds to alight for a drink of water.

Though entry into the posh residence will require $1.4 million for a two-bedroom apartment, the same pool safety rules apply. Users should wait at least half an hour after eating before going for a dip and (for obvious reasons) there is absolutely no running by the pool. Though not explicitly stated in the safety guidelines, sex in the pool is deeply frowned upon during weekdays. We for one, can’t wait to be denied entry.

Cover Photo: JUSTIN TALLIS/AFP (Getty Images)

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