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RANKED! The Most Intimidating Sex Acts (According to Science)

Scientists can — and do — study everything under the sun. Even things that involve parts of the human body where the sun don’t shine. (In fact, that’s the most fun kind of research.) A new study from Superdrug Online Doctor is along those lines. It highlights what people are doing with their naughty bits during quarantine — and which sex acts they feel are most intimidating.

The site surveyed Americans and Europeans in relationships to find out which dirty deeds make people’s palms (and other body parts) sweat. What they found overall is that men are less intimidated than women are by sex (no surprise there) but that when men do feel anxiety around sex, it’s more about whether or not their partner likes what they’re doing and if they’re satisfied. (Aw.) And, strangely, quarantine has made people more daring in bed. A full 30 percent of those surveyed said they’ve been more sexually adventurous since the COVID-19 pandemic began in March 2020.

Are you one of those fearless folks? If so, do we have a challenge for you! Work your way through this list of the most intimidating sex acts. You won’t win a ribbon or a medal, but you will reap the kind of rewards only an exceptional sex session can provide.

Cover Photo: Deagreez (Getty Images)

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