Meanwhile in Florida: Homeowners Horrified to Find 550-Pound Gator in Pool, That or Their Meth Neighbor

Photo:  Elizaveta Markova / EyeEm (Getty Images)

To those who don’t live there, Florida, also known as America’s basement, seems like a lawless land of terrifying creatures and equally scary people. It seems like once (or twice) per week there’s a story featuring the state and some outlandish tale or the mythical “Florida man” up to no good. This week is no different. And, obviously, this story deals with a giant alligator in a place it definitely doesn’t belong.

Robert California, in one of the most quoted lines from The Office once said, “Alligators are dinosaurs, Dwight. You know that right?” when referencing how alligators are literally everywhere in Florida. We’ve seen countless videos of giant gators strolling around golf courses, roadways, parking lots, and literally any body of water. One place that this definitely includes is backyard pools. Regardless of whether they’re covered, there’s a gate or any other deterrent. If a gator wants to get to the water, it will.

This is exactly what happened in Charlotte County, Florida. But instead of a little gator that might be a nuisance in the pool, homeowners found a 10-foot-long alligator that weighed over 550 pounds taking a dip in their in-ground pool.

As if we didn’t need another reason to avoid Florida at all costs, the family awoke in the night because they heard the sound of an alligator tearing through their pool screen to get into their pool. They called the police and when authorities arrived, they found the massive creature slowly meandering around the pool.

The Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office caught and removed the gator. But the moral of the story is: if you live in the wild, lawless state of Florida, make sure to take a peek into your pool before taking a midnight dip. There might be an unwelcome guest and it’s probably not going to be the aforementioned “Florida man.”