Meanwhile in Florida: Alligator Goes Up in Smoke After Eating Drone, Take That Meth Gators! (Video)

Gators are known for putting anything and everything in their mouths. They can’t help it. Their jaws were simply designed to devour. But one alligator got the lesson of a lifetime after he chomped down on a drone – and quickly went up in smoke – in the Florida Everglades.

Of course someone caught this on video and posted it on TikTok, where it went viral. Check it out:

@devhlangerPart 2 of alligator eating my drone ##FYP ##Everglades ##Drone ##Gators ##FloridaMan♬ original sound – Devhlanger

The gator was just minding his own business in the swamp when he noticed the drone hovering nearby and decided to take it down. After taking a bite, white smoke began to billow out of his mouth.

“Oh my God, he’s eating it,” a woman is heard saying on the vid. “George, no. Don’t eat that!”

How the bystander knew the alligator’s name is George, we don’t know. What we do know is that George is none too bright.

“Oh, shit,” a man’s voice says. “We gotta get out of here.”

What happened to the gator after he ingested the drone is anybody’s guess. We sure hope he didn’t explode – though he sure did blow up on the internet.

Cover Photo: @devhlanger (TikTok)