Meanwhile in Florida: Fitness Model Poses in Front of Father’s Casket in Awkward Video, No Rest For the Wicked

Yes, we live in the digital age, where everything is documented ad nauseum for social media. But there are still a few sacred occasions that one should not share with the entire internet – or so we thought. A fitness model from Miami, Florida, however, has no such boundaries, and recently got dragged for posting pics from her father’s funeral.

Jayne Rivera originally gained notoriety on TikTok thanks to her fashion, swimwear, and travel posts on the video sharing site. But last week, she shared on Instagram that her veteran father had passed away…with several sexy photographs of herself posing in front of his open casket. She wore a curve-hugging, asymmetrical suit dress that highlighted her cleavage in the inappropriate pics.

“Butterfly fly away. Rip Papi you were my best friend. A life well lived,” she captioned the post – which has since been removed.

Many of her 84K+ Instagram followers were quick to criticize the influencer for her “funeral photo shoot.” A sampling of their comments:

“Not cool Jayne, ur dad was a decorated vet, a photo shot by his casket should be beneath you. May he rest in eternal peace.”

“S**t is just vile, and down right disgusting.”

“The fact that u would post something like this tells us everything we need to know about you.”

“This is a hard unfollow. God rest that man’s soul.”

We don’t know how her father would feel about the whole ordeal, but if anything was going to make him roll in his grave, this would probably be it.

Cover Photo: Instagram



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