Mandatory Disney Battles: Who You Love More, Baby Yoda vs. Alligator Loki

Baby Yoda watch out, Disney has a new green, reptilian mascot and he’s burden with “glorious purpose.” All of Disney+’s shows from Marvel Studios have permeated popular culture; the latest series, Loki, is now rivaling the popularity of Lucasfilm’s The Mandalorian thanks to an alligator. That which was once feared has now become a Disney mascot. 

In 2019, Disney+ launched and immediately dropped Star Wars’ The Mandalorian. The first episode introduced the world to “The Child” Aka Baby Aka Grogu. Throughout two seasons, Baby Yoda not only reigned as the cute face of Star Wars but Disney. Nothing, not Porgs or Olaf could stand in his way. Even when he committed causal genocide by eating those frog eggs, he was immune to cancel culture. 

Now, something unexpected has happened; Loki has introduced a rival. The series’ fifth episode saw Tom Hiddleston’s Loki surrounded by variants of himself including, of course, Alligator Loki or “Croki” (as they called him Down Under) a version of the trickster who was supposedly born a reptile. We say “supposedly” because he’s not a character from the comics. Is he really a Loki? Or is he just green? Fans have embraced this gator much like they did Baby Yoda. This begs the question: does Baby Yoda still have your love or is there a new king in town? 

Cover Photo: Disney+

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Naturally, we all love Baby Yoda more. No one is cuter, more adorable, or as bankable as this little green guy. While Disney may ride Alligator Loki’s scales for a hot minute via Funko Pops, plush toys, and animatronics (hopefully), Baby Yoda has been immortalized by one of the best father/son relationships in a galaxy far, far away. That’s right, Vader was an absent father who beat up on Luke and Obi-Wan failed Anakin. Baby Yoda is the one true king burdened with glorious purpose.

Overall Winner: Baby Yoda

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