Ranked! The Very Best Marvel Villains (As We Get to Know ‘Loki’ Star Miss Minutes)

WARNING: Spoilers for LokiDisney+’s Loki has managed to do something the Marvel Cinematic Universe could not throughout twenty-three films: scare us. Not courtesy of pruning, multiple timelines, or even cults masquerading as bureaucratic organizations that control all of space and time. No, what scares us more than the Time Variance Authority is its mascot, the cartoon clock ala Schoolhouse Rock or Jurassic Park’s Mr. DNA, Miss Minutes. That bitch is up to something. She’s not a recording nor is she alive; to ominously quote the mischievous A.I. herself/itself, she’s “uh, sorta both.” 

Episode 4 of Loki pulled a Wizard of Oz and revealed the Time-Keepers nothing but place-holders. So, who rules the TVA with an iron fist (not to be confused with another character)? As we get to know Loki‘s star Miss Minutes or await the arrival of Kang the Conqueror, let’s take a look back on perhaps the most lackluster aspect of the MCU: its villains. Most of the time they’re as one-dimensional as an A.I. fed up with humanity—here are the big bads who haven’t been that bad. 

Disclaimer: these are just MCU bad guys, so no one from the Netflix shows, etc. Will be included. Apologies to Jessica Jones’ Killgrave and Daredevil’s Wilson Fisk/Kingpin, you guys deserved better than to be cast aside… 

Cover Photo: Marvel Studios

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