Mandatory TV Battles: ‘WandaVision’ vs. ‘The Mandalorian,’ Which Disney+ Series Made Its Universe Proud(er)

Even causal consumers are aware of one terrifying truth: Disney owns everything (probably even you). In particular, the Mouse House lays claim to Marvel Studios and Lucasfilm—two of the most bankable studios in the world. The Marvel Cinematic Universe and a galaxy far, far away have ventured from the big screen into television via Disney+. As the first live-action outings in their respective universe, WandaVision has helped to ignite Phase Four and The Mandalorian has revitalized Star Wars following a lackluster trilogy.

The Mandalorian feels like a complete story throughout two seasons (au revoir De bébé Yoda…) and WandaVision told its tale in one, both have altered the course of their brand and had a similar impact on pop culture; from the emojis, merchandise, and memes to the theories, cameos, and controversy. Obsession in a time when we needed it most. In this edition of Mandatory TV Battles, we pit WandaVision against The Mandalorian and see which Disney series makes its papa prouder.

Cover Photo: Disney+

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WandaVision represents a daring amount of creativity on behalf of Marvel. However, Star Wars needed help. The Mandalorian helps. Somehow, it captures the look and feel of the original trilogy while feeling completely its own. Its most recent finale is ridiculously satisfying (something that can’t necessarily be said for WandaVision). It’s a blueprint for how to handle nostalgia without pandering. Because of it, Lucasfilm has shifted its approach to the IP— more shows/spinoffs like it are on the way. This is the way.

Overall Winner: The Mandalorian 

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