Baby Yoda Expected to Replace Baby Jesus in the Manger, In Spite of Being Nonreligious and Gender Neutral

It’s going to be a very green Christmas, indeed, as people are expected to mourn the absence of the swaddled baby Jesus in their mangers this Christmas, as a much cuter and (honestly) more likable Baby Yoda is expected to take its place. Reported to be without both religious affiliation and white privilege, Baby Yoda is a viral sensation, currently lacking any gender identification, sexual preference, blonde hair, blue eyes or anything else outrage culture could condemn. While encouragement of Baby Yoda was suspected to come from the Catholic church, who allegedly says Jesus hasn’t gone viral in some time and is looking to branch out to a younger demographic, the likely camp of this hip nativity scene is the unemployable subReddit of Area 51 Stormers who want to keep the green dream alive (preferably without having to leave their parents’ basement). Either way, Baby Yoda will make for a progressive holiday season, just in time to mansplain to your parents that they can no longer call you a terrible son in these gender-fluid times.

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