2020 Is All About Baby Everything, From Yoda to Nuts

If we could all push a button and be babies again, we’d probably do it. The past decade and fraction of this year have made that abundantly clear. From Boss Baby and Baby Groot to Snapchat’s baby filter and the unstinting force that is The Child (aka Baby Yoda), our new default form of gentrification is babyfication. Maybe this is because we all feel like wayward infants—uncontrollably sobbing and shitting everywhere. Whatever the reason may be, brands are embracing the baby craze. If you make it cute, they will consume.

For example, a Planter’s Super Bowl commercial killed off Mr. Peanut. The Kool-Aid man shed a tear and from that tear, Mr. Peanut was reincarnated as Baby Nut. Now that the grieving period is over, Mr. Peanut’s timely passing has elderly mascots getting their affairs in order. Those that were once joyful now feel the full weight and fear of ageism. Companies around the world are preparing to take a page out of Baby Nut’s book of cautionary tales. That said, let’s take a look at some famous brand mascots at risk of being babyfied in 2020.

Cover Photo: Lucasfilm/Planters

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