Baby Yoda GIFs

22 Baby Yoda GIFs to Help You Find Your Zen

Disney+’s The Mandalorian has not only given us the first live-action Star Wars television show but also Baby Yoda. The 50-year-old toddler has been a trending topic (and doing better on social media than any of the 2020 presidential candidates) since his reveal in episode one nearly a month ago. The internet’s fascination with the force-wielding-frog-like creature no doubt revolves around his innocence and devil-may-care demeanor. Like his “do or do not” namesake before him, Baby Yoda is as Zen as they come. He floats around, oblivious to his grim circumstances, enjoying a galaxy far, far away. Baby Yoda care does not about the weather, traffic, or bitchy significant others. That said, may the following GIFs, equipped with the calming cuteness of Baby Yoda, who’s just happy to be invited, help you lose yourself in the rhythm of whatever task you have at hand and help you find your Zen.

Cover Photo: Walt Disney

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