RANKED! The Biggest Announcements and Reveals From Disney’s Investor Day 2020

The coronavirus pandemic has all but put a muzzle on the entertainment industry; media conglomerates like Disney have had to close their theme parks, lay off employees, and shut down productions. Aside from Christopher Nolan’s blockbuster, Tenet (which aimed to reinvigorate movie-going but didn’t), parking your keister in a dream lounger seems to be a thing of the past. Perhaps Disney’s biggest competitor, Warner Media/Brothers recently announced plans for their upcoming theatrical releases becoming available on HBO MAX. Then, after being quiet for the majority of 2020, the mouse house dropped a nuclear bomb of content announcements at Disney’s Investor Day event.

The company unveiled several projects in the works for Disney+, most of which revolving around Marvel Studios (10 new shows), Lucasfilm (10 new shows), and Pixar. While they did divulge their updated theatrical release schedule, Disney is leaning into their streaming service—investing $14-16 billion in content between now and 2024. That said, the price of a subscription will be raised to $7.99 in March of 2021—with 50 projects on the horizon, Disney + is poised to become the new streaming behemoth. This assertion of dominance of epic proportions is a blatant reminder that Disney owns everything under the entertainment umbrella. With that in mind, here are the biggest announcements from Disney’s Investor Day 2020.

Cover Photo: Disney+

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