Star Wars Stocking Stuffer: You Can Now Buy Baby Yoda’s Macarons Munchies From ‘The Mandalorian’

While the titular Mandalorian is the main character of The Mandalorian, it’s hard to argue that “Baby Yoda” isn’t the most popular character. He’s tiny, adorable, and actually not a child because he’s like 60 years old. But, since whatever type of creature he ages differently than humans, he’s pretty much a tiny, green toddler. While the Mandalorian is slaying giant sand dragons and freeing towns from tyrants, “The Child” is being mischievous and stealing our hearts. But, in a recent episode, he stole more than that.

While he was plopped into the middle of a schoolroom, he spied a fellow student eating some bright blue macarons. He reached for them, babbled, and made it obvious he wanted one. The kid pretty much told him to buzz off. So, when he turned to the teacher, Baby Yoda used the force to steal the cookies. The student looks over in shock to see the tiny, green being munching on his cookies.

Instead of paying attention to the rest of the episode, we wondered what exactly those cookies tasted like. Luckily, we can all find out because Williams Sonoma just released macarons inspired by the TV show.

Named after the planet where the sugary theft occurred, they’re called Navarro Nummies. A case of 12 of these blue, French-style almond macarons (with vanilla filling) is available for $49.95 for a limited time. They’re the perfect gift for the Baby Yoda fan in your life. Or, better yet, save them for yourself and munch on them while you binge the new season.

Photo: Disney +

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