Baby Yoda

Baby Yoda Has a Name: Jon Favreau and Taika Waititi Know It But Won’t Tell (10 Guesses For the Little Green Guy)

Ever since The Mandalorian premiered last November, there’s only one element of the show that everyone seems to be obsessed over: Baby Yoda. Simply referred to as “the child” in the series so far, Baby Yoda isn’t actually the official name of the character. However, since we don’t know what Yoda’s species is called, people naturally reverted to what is clearly the most inventive name of all time. Although the first season of the show wrapped up last year, there is one overarching question that is driving (some) people insane: what is Baby Yoda’s actual name?

While a second season is undoubtedly on its way, both producer Jon Favreau and director Taika Waititi have teased that they know the real name of Baby Yoda. Unfortunately, the entirety of America is on pins and needles for the time being because they refuse to tell us his name. While we wait for the official word on the most important matter currently at Lucasfilm, here are some alternative names that the producers seriously considered giving the little green guy.

Cover Photo: Disney/Lucasfilm

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