Ranked! Best Reveals and Not-So-Special Looks From Disney+ Day

Since its launch back in 2020, Disney+ has become one of the most successful streaming services on the planet, thanks in large part to, well, Marvel and Star Wars. In December of that year, the Walt Disney Company held its official Investor Day, showcasing a slew of announcements and first looks.

Last week, the company held Disney+ Day, celebrating the streamer’s first anniversary. And it was a disaster. Scratch that, it was just plain boring. While the event did outline the new and returning series and movies that will appear on the platform, aside from announcements, next-to-no new footage was shown and what was remains behind Disney+’s paywall. Without further ado, here are the best reveals and not-so-special first looks from Disney+ Day…most of which have to do with Marvel and Star Wars.

Cover Photo: Disney+

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