Meanwhile in Dubai: World’s Deepest Underwater Diving Pool Promises 200 Feet of Fun For Those Who Forgot Their Fear of Drowning

Typically, when you plunge to the bottom of a 200-foot deep ocean tomb, you can kiss your ass Dubai. But allegedly, the new Deep Dive Dubai is not only the world’s deepest pool, it’s also a safe place (zero assholes torn so far) to seek the greatest thrill known to man: pushing a shopping cart under 3.7 million gallons of water.

The new underwater adventureland boasts a sunken city, where divers can explore everything from an abandoned store to a library (places that wouldn’t be nearly as exciting on land). The pool also features a foosball table, a vintage Pacman arcade, and a Mercedes sedan, all housed within the rubble of a modern-day Atlantis.

There’s even a payphone so you can call your mom and tell her all about the good life choices you’re making.

And don’t worry about someone peeing in the pool. The water is completely purified every six hours using NASA-grade filtration technology combined with siliceous volcanic rock and UV-rays. Mmmm, tasty.

Celebrities are already flocking to the site ahead of the grand opening scheduled for late July. Check out the Fresh Prince of Dubai preparing for a dip:


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Beginners can dive to depths of 40 feet, while more experienced guests can explore the entire labyrinth, with our without a guide. The facility even accommodates freedivers, those who find Scuba gear way too cumbersome and lifesaving to bother with. (Because who wants to wear a helmet while jumping a motorcycle across a ravine, right?)

While deep-diving can be a dangerous sport due to the massive amounts of pressure involved and lack of readily available oxygen, Deep Dive Dubai comes with its very own state-of-the-art hyperbaric chamber to rid you of any pesky bends you might snag on your way back to the surface. And at roughly $200 an hour, it’s good, clean fun for the whole family. Talk about the ultimate pool party.

Photos: GIUSEPPE CACACE (Getty Images)

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