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PornHub Sued By Women Over Lack of Consent, Who Could Have Seen This Coming (Did We Spell That Right?)

Despite PornHub being free, it looks like the internet’s biggest porn site doesn’t come without a price to pay. And we’re not just talking about the monthly subscription for premium content.

Brand new lawsuits filed by over 30 women alleging videos were published to the site without their consent are just another stark reminder of the cost of doing (porn) business.

Though PornHub’s business model allows users to upload their own videos, the site says it rigorously oversees the legality of each upload with “the most comprehensive safeguards in user-generated platform history, including the banning of uploads from unverified users.” But with only 150 total employees, how can they quality control a site that averages over 150 years of content uploaded per year?

This isn’t the first time PornHub’s name has been drawn through the mud. In December the site purged 80 percent of its content after allegations surfaced that the company was harboring child pornography. Now, after cleaning up its act and trying all year to be good little purveyors of porn, this latest lawsuit could signal another domino in PornHub’s downfall.

Mindgeek, the parent company behind PornHub (and a handful of other porn sites like YouPorn), is owned by Canadian bacon-eater Feras Antoon. The backlash against Antoon’s girthy sex empire recently led to his Montreal mansion being burned to the ground by arsonists. Don’t worry, no one was home at the time of the fire as the investment property had just hit the market listed for $19 million.

But let’s be real for a moment. The burden of consent isn’t just on PornHub. We all know that a lot of user-generated porn isn’t exactly above board. So while massive smut companies like PornHub should be held accountable for regulating their content, maybe it’s time we started looking at the content we consume with a little more oversight too.

Sure, the wild west of internet porn was good while it lasted, but the time has come to treat porn like gentlemen (raging hormones be damned). Even with consensual porn alone, there’s still more content than you could watch in a lifetime. Trust us, we’ve already tried.

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