Hawaiians Rushed To PornHub Once The Missile Alert Ended

Photo: Rawpixel (Getty)

Over the weekend, everyone in Hawaii was given a heads up and told that a missile was headed their way and about to destroy everything in their path. JK, JK, that missile alert was just a false alarm thanks to an employee who pushed the wrong button. What a knee-slapper! But how did Hawaiians celebrate the fact that they weren’t going to die? By watching a bunch of porn, that’s how.

According to PornHub and their wonderful insights, a massive drop in traffic occurred once the missile alert was sent out on 8:07 on Saturday morning, and it had dropped 77% by 8:23. But once all those folks heard there was no missile headed their way, the site’s traffic increased to more than 48 percent above typical levels for that time of the week.

Just check out the numbers below:

Image: PornHub

What this means is that once all those awesome people found out they weren’t saying goodbye to earth, they pulled out…their devices and checked out all the porn they could watch. And I bet they are appreciating Riley Reid and Sophie Dee so much more now.

h/t RT

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