Pornhub Releases 2021 Year in Review (You’ll Never Guess Which Sex Challenge Topped the List)

Porn and 2021 go together like hand lotion and Kleenex. We know because we just spent fourteen hours studying the annual Pornhub stats instead of making out with our girlfriend. And as impressive as Pornhub is at porn, they’re even more mindblowing at keeping tabs on what people are searching, how much time they’re spending rubbing one out, and a whole buttload of other internet indiscretions you wouldn’t tell your therapist about.

So while the night is young, let’s throw off our shoes, light a scented candle, and jump right into the sextistics that bulged the most in 2021.

First off, the number one most-searched item in 2021 was “hentai”. Yup. The Japanese animated smut films have been inching their way to the wankers circle for the past few years and have finally surpassed “lesbian” and “Japanese” to reach the pinnacle of sex searches. Proving humans would rather have sex with a cartoon than with another human. (Relatable.)

But the real winner of 2021 has got to be “gloryhole”, an exalted category this year thanks to Covid germaphobia. Not surprisingly, “roommate” porn also landed a prestigious position atop the list. As if we needed another reminder that being stuck indoors, longing for safe sex with someone you’ll awkwardly bump into by the fridge later is our grueling reality.

Another trend that dominated the porn charts this year was the “challenge”. With over 500 new sex challenges popping up in 2021, the most popular ones revolved around not nutting, with the “Jerk-Off Challenge” beating out “No-Nut November” for the top spot.

So after not sleeping and watching way too much porn, here’s what we discovered. In many ways, Pornhub stats are more revealing about the state of America than any government Census ever could be. Like the Pornhub map of America for example, where each state is renamed after its most-popular search term. Seeing North Carolina rechristened “Penis Pump” or learning how much Washingtonians love double penetration has been enlightening, to say the least.

Because these are the things that unite us. Our secret perversions and sexual fantasies link us together in unbreakable bondage, no matter how divided we stand in the supermarket. Like we always said, Pornhub stats are the window to the soul. And America’s soul is horny AF. So while it’s too late to give a porn-map-of-America poster to your estranged dad for Christmas, it’s not too late to get one tattooed on your forearm and let everyone know: united we wank.

Pornhub bless us all.

Cover Photo: Image Source (Getty Images)