Zack Snyder Takes a Position on Superhero Sex (You’ll Never Guess Which One)

It’s no secret superheroes have super sex. But that didn’t stop DC from putting the kibosh on Tony Halpern’s very special rooftop rendezvous between Batman and Catwoman in Season 3 of HBO’s Harley Quinn. After the comic book behemoth nixed a risque sex scene from the animated series, DC wonderboy Zack Snyder headed to Twitter to take a position on superhero sex…and it’s a mouthful.

While DC argues that their entire business model of selling action figures to kids would be placed in jeopardy if their superheroes were to be sexualized, it might be time for them to realize they can have their cake and eat it too. Just look at Marvel’s playbook.

Adults who grew up immersed in comic book lore are one of the driving forces behind the popularization of superhero culture. And to them, sex is a normal part of life. Now more than ever, there’s enough content out there to satisfy both camps: The G-Rated kiddie pool and the NSFW comic bingers.

Snyder couldn’t have been more concise in his perspective. Captioned simply, “Canon” Snyder posted a custom panel, presumably of the scene in question, depicting Batman going down on Catwoman as the two took a breather from crime-fighting. Take a look.

Many fans weighed in on Snyder’s position calling his tweet “Rule 34” a reference to an imaginary law stating that anything in existence has already been turned into porn. We disagree. Issues with Batman’s cowl aside, anyone who knows the inner workings of Bruce Wayne’s mind shouldn’t be surprised the man is well-schooled in the art of lovemaking.

Truth. Justice. And bringing pleasure to his on-again, off-again girlfriend Catwoman is what Batman is all about. Is anyone else thinking Bennifer needs to do a Batwoman Catwoman movie right about now?

Cover Photo: Warner Bros.

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