Winter Soldier

The Mandatory Winter Soldier Guide to Pleasuring a Woman When You’ve Got an Innovative Robotic Metal Arm

With the sixth and final episode of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier crash landing on television, Marvel has spread-eagled itself into Phase 4 of the MCU on Disney+. But while Winter Soldier (AKA Bucky Barnes) has the ultimate wingman, compared to their friends on Netflix, there is little to no hooking up in this series. One has to wonder if it has anything to do with Bucky’s metal arm?

Seriously, what is up with that arm? Is it a gamechanger or a dealbreaker on a first date? Does it have a little built-in speaker to play slow jams when things are getting hot and heavy? Is it better than an actual human arm for pleasuring a woman?

So many questions, so few answers,  leaving giant plotholes in our hearts. If the show tackled intimacy the way it does gratuitous violence, we’d have a pretty arousing spectacle on our hands. But odds are, even if The Falcon and the Winter Soldier makes it to season 2, we doubt the writers are going to step up the phalangeal pleasure subplot.

Obviously, Marvel is down for the ride, but Disney has its laundry list of reservations. After all, what kind of message would it send to the kids if Winter Soldier was caught engaging in consensual pleasure making?

Risking life and limb, we sidestepped the media conglomerate’s maze of secrecy and did a little digging of our own into Bucky’s personal life. Turns out, Bucky’s robotic arm can do more than just piledrive bad guys. See for yourself in our handy handbook below. (See what we did there?)

Cover Photo: Marvel/Disney

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