McDonald’s Fast-Food Scented Candles Smell Like Your Lowest Self-Esteem, Only Matter of Time Before You Try to Eat One, Too

On a memorable episode of The Office, Michael Scott bought a George Foreman grill because he wanted to wake up to the soothing smell of bacon in the morning. Sadly, if you attempt to do the same thing, you’ll likely step on the grill like he did and burn your foot. But, if you would rather your house smelled like a McDonald’s, all you need is one of the brand’s new candles.

McDonald’s is launching a Quarter Pounder Fan Club, and if you become a member of the club, you’re not going to be giving fellow McFans a secret burger-themed handshake. Instead, you’re going to be able to buy myriad products including scented candles with the potentially off-putting fragrances of 100 percent fresh beef, ketchup, pickle, cheese, onion, and sesame seed bun. The assumption is that if you light them all at once, your house will smell like the famous burger. The site even says, “Burn together for maximum deliciousness.” But we bet it will actually smell pretty horrible and we suggest you only light one candle at a time (or none ever).

Sadly for overly eager Micky D’s fans, the candles are currently sold out. They were available in limited quantities and here’s hoping they make more available soon. We suggest you sit by your computer and repeatedly refresh your browser over and over until all of the pertinent information shows up on your screen.

The potentially appetite-suppressing candles aren’t the only product McDonald’s is set to release. They’ll also have Quarter Pounder mittens, a Quarter Pounder calendar, a Quarter Pounder love locket, and even a Quarter Pounder Fan Club T-shirt.

Photo: McDonald’s 

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