Nostalgia Alert: Dunkaroos Are Back to Give You the Cavities You Haven’t Had Since You Were 12

When you were a kid, the thought of eating cookies and frosting for a snack seemed like the height of luxury. And if you were around in the ’90s (and your parents were cool), you did just that. That’s because the tastiest, most sugary, magical snack that you could ever eat was Dunkaroos. This “snack” was literally a cookie that you dipped into frosting. It was as simple and non-nutritional as that, and we ate it up like it was manna from heaven (because to us it was).

The world was first introduced to this iconic brand back in 1992. In those days, there didn’t seem to be an emphasis on health when it came to snacks for children. These were the days of Gushers, Shark Bites, Oatmeal Swirlers, and 3D Doritos. It was no surprise cookies dipped in frosting seemed like a great idea. But in 2012, General Mills discontinued Dunkaroos in the U.S. (although you could cross the border and smuggle them back in from Canada).

Now they’re coming back. But instead of dunkable kangaroo cookies in a variety of flavors, the first new iteration of Dunkaroos will consist of a vanilla cookie with vanilla frosting and rainbow sprinkles. They’re relaunching this summer so you can start rotting your teeth soon. We can’t wait, and the GIFs below show our enthusiasm.

Photo: General Mills

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