DIY Dunkaroos Are Here to Satisfy Your ’90s Nostalgia Fix, Because Nothing Says Childhood Like More Chores

If you were a kid in the ‘90s, you likely consumed Dunkaroos. The little, light-blue packets contained a handful of round, tiny sugar cookies with a frosting-filled cube to dunk them in. But while that kind of cavity-inducing treat was your favorite thing to chow down on after-school when you were young, you’ve since grown up.

Well, guess what? So have Dunkaroos.

Betty Crocker has announced that it is releasing Dunkaroos cookie dough with frosting – and these aren’t the hard, bite-sized cookies from your childhood. They’re bakery-size and meant to be served warm and smothered with frosting.

“Something BIGGER is coming! Now introducing limited edition Dunkaroos sugar cookie dough and frosting. You can now DIY and customize your Dunkaroos with 6 large cookies or 24 mini cookies,” the brand announced in an Instagram post.

You can purchase these irresistible sweets at HyVee, Kroger, Wakefern, Walmart, Wegmans, Albertsons or Safeway. For now, they’re only available in the sugar cookie and vanilla frosting with sprinkles variety, but a kid-at-heart can hope the brand expands to include all the flavors Dunkaroos originally came in.

Our inner child is jumping up and down just at the thought of sinking our teeth into a Dunkaroo frosted cookie sandwich. (We’re less excited about having to do all the work to bring them into being. It was easier to binge with their former incarnation.) We can already feel the pulse-quickening sugar hit our bloodstream. First Dunkaroos, then the world?

Cover Photo: Dunkaroos

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