Oreo Dropping LGBTQ+ Cookies, Don’t Worry the Cream Is Still in the Middle

When we were kids, there weren’t a ton of options when it came to selecting a package of Oreo cookies. There was the original Oreo cookies, Oreo Double Stuf, and the now-defunct Oreo Big Stuf. In the last decade, the world of Oreo flavors has exploded like a forgotten Roman candle left in the yard on the Fourth of July. Flavors like Cinnamon Roll, Wasabi, Carrot Cake, and even Firework Oreos featuring crackling pop rocks. The brand’s newest addition isn’t a flavor so much as colors. Not just one color, the whole rainbow.

To celebrate LGBTQ+ History Month, Oreo is dropping limited edition #ProudParents OREO Rainbow Cookies. The cookies were made to pay tribute to allies of the LGBTQ+ community. But wait, there’s more.

To reward acts of allyship to the community, OREO is giving away 10,000 packages of the rainbow-hued cookies. Inspired by the Pride flag, each package features seven different colored cream fillings. This is the first time ever that OREO launched a package of cookies with varying colors.

#ProudParents is a hashtag used to promote the Proud Parent short film that “highlights the true importance of family love, support, and affirmation,” according to the OREO website.

As we mentioned above, OREO is only making 10,000 packages available and you won’t be able to purchase them in stores or online. You can only get them through its giveaway as a reward of allyship to the LGBTQ+ community. To get a pack, you need to follow @OREO and share a photo on social media expressing what you believe allyship means while using the hashtags #ProudParent and #Giveaway.

Photo: Nabisco

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