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Yelp Adds ‘Racist Behavior’ Alert, Now If Only the White House Could Get in on That

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If you’re spending your hard-earned money at a new restaurant that you’ve never tried, you probably turn to Yelp for help. The site provides reviews and will help you decide if that new Tex-Mex joint down the street is actually worth your time. On top of the reviews, the site updates health inspections scores and safety measures. Overall, it’s a good resource any time let alone in the midst of the COVID pandemic. Now, on top of telling us if the food is good and the kitchen is clean, Yelp will alert users if a restaurant (or employee) is racist.

In a world of protests and obvious inequality, the addition of a customer alert for a “Business Accused of Racist Behavior” is something we can all take advantage of. Nobody wants to patronize a pizza parlor only to find out they have a history of bigotry towards a certain race or ethnicity. After learning that, even the pepperoni would taste pretty repulsive.

Photo: Yelp

There’s a reason for this new alert. According to Yelp, in the past four months, the company has been alerted to 450 cases of racist behavior at restaurants nationwide. While that doesn’t seem like a big number, literally any number should make you uncomfortable. The fact that 450 businesses have been put on record is quite sad.

While there’s no guaranteeing people won’t take advantage of this alert and flag restaurant they simply don’t like, that doesn’t take away from the potential benefits. Wouldn’t you want to know if your neighborhood bar and grill was refusing to serve certain people or was creating an uncomfortable atmosphere for certain races and ethnicities? We sure would.

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