RANKED! The CDC’s Most High-Risk Halloween Activities For a Barely Spooky Quaranteen (and a Few We Added Ourselves)

Photo: Carol Yepes (Getty Images)

Halloween is less than a month away. Usually, this is a night of trick-or-treating and gorging on candy by young people. For adults, it’s a night of dressing up and maybe drinking a little more alcohol than usual. This year, things are a little different for obvious reasons. That’s why the CDC released its list of Halloween activities ranked from lowest to highest risk.

Low-risk activities include carving pumpkins at home, decorating your house, having a scary movie night, or an at-home scavenger hunt. Obviously, these activities are low risk because you’re literally staying at home. But many people plan to venture out on Oct. 31. That’s why the list we care most about is the high-risk activities. While the CDC didn’t rank them, we did and you can check them all out below (plus a few of our own).

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