Welcome the Halloween Candy Luge (And Other Trick or Treating Hacks) For People Who Refuse to Give Up Their Favorite Holiday

Photo: Peter Muller (Getty Images)

We don’t have to tell you that Halloween 2020 will be a little different than most. With the ongoing pandemic, this will be a holiday of mask-wearing, social distancing, and just not being a dummy (that is, unless you’re dressed as a ventriloquist’s dummy). This means that while many places are allowing trick-or-treating, many people aren’t comfortable opening their doors to pint-sized, costume-clad strangers that might be asymptomatic.

To get around this, people are going to extreme lengths to find inventive trick-or-treating hacks to ensure their safety and the safety of trick-or-treaters. We came up with some ideas ourselves. Feel free to use them at home.

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