Brick or Treat! Family Creates ‘CandyPult’ to Shoot Halloween Candy at Kids This Year, Concussions on the Way

This Halloween won’t be shrouded in the usual spooky darkness of All Hallows’ Eves past. No, this year, instead of being afraid of ghouls, goblins, and all manner of vampire, the real fear is COVID, the same virus that’s been plaguing every aspect of our normal life for more than half a year. Families are attempting to bring some normalcy by finding safe ways to take their children trick-or-treating as well as unique ways to get candy to the costume-adorned children while maintaining social distancing. We’ve heard about the candy luge, how about the “candypult”?

This is exactly the inventive way a Pennsylvania family plans to get candy into the hands of Halloween revelers. Instead of ringing the Mak family’s doorbell and be handed candy like in years past, Vince Mak and his family will literally launch candy at children.

The idea came about after he and his family held a brainstorming session to try to figure out what they could do to stay safe from COVID while still giving away candy. What they came up with is the treat launcher known simply as the “candypult.”

The best part is that it’s exactly what you think it is. It’s a giant catapult that launches candy through the air. All you need to do is fill the bucket with candy, pull the handle down, and let it rip. Instant airborne candy that can be launched at least 6 feet to keep everyone safe and healthy. Let’s just hope Mak has good aim or else it might be a concussion-filled Halloween night.

Photo: Fox43

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