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California Megachurch Rebrands As Family-Friendly Strip Club, Protests Covid Laws and the Right to Give All Your Money to Candy Cane

Evolve or die. It’s been a business motto for ages. Now, as many cities and states are adopting new COVID lockdown restrictions due to the latest surge in the deadly virus, some organizations are taking that advice to heart – in shocking ways.

In California, a megachurch recently rebranded as a strip club. Why? Because the state has inexplicably allowed men to continue to gawk at women in various states of undress in seedy clubs while forbidding God-fearing people from worshipping Jesus – and pastors aren’t having it.

“Strip clubs (Not Churches) are exempt from the Covid lockdowns, and are deemed essential by our governor!” wrote Jurgen Matthesius, senior pastor of Awaken Church, on Instagram. “So we decided we are NOW Awaken family friendly strip club!”


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But this isn’t that kind of strip club. The pastor clarified that his establishment is the kind “where we strip the devil of his hold, power, and authority over people’s lives!”

The social media strip tease was the pastor’s form of protest over the San Diego Superior Court’s Nov. 6 decision that allowed strip clubs to reopen while prohibiting in-person church services. The video garnered over 10K views, which probably pales in comparison to videos of real strippers doin’ their thang. We imagine the collection plate at Awaken Church can’t compare with the dolla-dolla bills flying at a strip club, either.

Still, it got people’s attention. One commenter summed it up best: “I need to go to this church.” Maybe they’re onto something here…

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