Best MLB Stadiums According To Yelp

With the baseball season right around the corner and summer vacations being planned, I figure it was a great time to crunch the Yelp data and see how each stadium fares.

Below are the stadiums ranked by average score and a great quote from one of the reviewers.

1 Pirates – PNC Park  4.77 (Pictured Above)   

John G. – “This place is my favorite stadium in baseball!! They have everything: Primanti Bros, QuakerSteak, plenty of beers, and ballpark food! The view of the city is great from anywhere in the house, and the stadium doesnt have a bad seat!”   

2 Red Sox – Fenway Park  4.59      

Cindy K. – “Well I am a bit biased because I am and forever will be a Redsox Fan.  …  This is my version of Disney Land.”

3 Giants – AT&T Park  4.59          

Mona L. – “Most obvious knock on this is the uber cold weather at night and the dangerous projectiles coming from the sky.”

4 Orioles – Camden Yards  4.53  

Lauren K. – “It’s located in the touristy part of the inner harbor, so no need to worry about safety. Yes, it’s still a city. But it’s a nice area of town comparatively.”

5 Twins – Target Field  4.49   

Teri W. – “The fans inside the stadium were great.  Everyone was Midwest friendly and happy to see so many Padres fans visiting their city.”

6 Cardinals – Busch Stadium  4.45  

Ryan G. – “[Hometown fans are] Very welcoming, very knowledgeable, and good taunting without being offensive. I really felt like a guest and the fans were my gracious hosts.”

7 A’s –   4.45           

David O. – “ is endearing and kind of fits its teams a bit too well.”

8 Brewers – Miller Park  4.43     

Lei L. – Sweet racing sausages, I could seriously watch them sausages race all day!

9 Phillies – Citizens Bank Park  4.41   

Meg C. – Finally, I have read a few reviews that say Phillies fans are violent assholes, but I have to disagree. Passionate? Definitely. Are there a few bad seeds? Of course, there always are

10 Mariners – Safeco  4.31   

Michiko Y. – “I will not complain about how much beer is here. Crap. I already did. 9.75 is a bit much, but at least I won’t go home trashed or get kicked out for yelling at someone.”

11 Rockies – Coors Field  4.31 

Kurt G. – “Honestly more than half of people here on any given night are pretty much just here to hang out more than watch the game.”

12 Cubs – Wrigley Field  4.24   

Steve M. – “Wrigley Field….It Is What It Is.”

13 Royals – Kauffman Stadium  4.23  

Fun Fact – Kauffman Stadium was the only stadium with no 1 star reviews!

14 Rangers – Rangers Ballpark  4.20           

Katie C. – “The catering was excellent – Texas BBQ, fajitas and hot dogs and chicken wings.”

15 Reds – Great American Ball Park  4.19          

Jill C. – “There are DOLLAR CONCESSIONS.  I feel like this is a well kept secret, but in the Reds trying to be fan/family friendly, I think this is great!”

16 Tigers – Comerica Park  4.18    

Anthony K. – “Come on now… Ya we all know the city of Detroit is not the safest, wealthiest or prettiest but when it comes to Comerica park and baseball in Detroit… Nothing beats a tigers game.”

17 Padres – PETCO Park  4.17      

Matt P. – “I threw up somewhere in section 320. I don’t even know why I was there baseballs boring to watch.”

18 Mets – Citi Field  4.14        

Elena R. – “There’s a homey, non-pretentious ambience to the place, which is more than I can say for Yankee Stadium. (Whenever I set foot in that stadium it feels like I’m boarding the Death Star.)”

19 Indians – Progressive Field  4.03      

Jessica D. – “Not a bad seat in the stadium! Great stadium with a phenom view of uh… scenic Cleveland?”

20 Diamondbacks – Chase Field  4.01    

Jason H. – “Really, the only bad times at Chase is when the Dodgers and ashamedly my fellow Giants fans invade.  Thanks for giving California fans a reputation for being [a-holes], folks.”

20 Angels – Angels Stadium  4.01      

Mary P. – “The food here is so bad that I wouldn’t give it to a homeless person!”

22 Marlins – Marlins Park  4.00  

Justin M. – “The AC was working though. Holy Crap was it cold!”

23 Astros – Minute Maid Park  3.98    

Paul R. – “This awesome stadium deserves a winning team.”

24 Braves – Turner Field  3.97           

Elizabeth T. – “I also cannot believe you guys still do the tomahawk chop. It’s so ridiculous.”

25 Yankees – Yankee Stadium  3.94   

Tyler L. – “Yeah New York fans can be aggressive so bring thick skin.”

26 White Sox – U.S. Cellular Field  3.93 

Julie D. – “Not exactly the most scenic location of some of the MLB parks I have visited, The Cell does earn extra points from me on ease of use.”

27 Dodgers – Dodger Stadium  3.83    

Evan L. – “This stadium is nestled in perhaps the one part of Los Angeles that feels serene & secluded.”

28 Nationals – Nationals Park  3.79           

Justin H. – “The President’s Race during the 4th inning. It’s probably the best reason to visit the ballpark, but damn Teddy never wins!”

29 Rays – Tropicana Field  3.13   

George D. – “A bad day at the ballpark beats a good day at work any day.”

30 Blue Jays – Rogers Centre                        3.13    

Ryan S. – “The stadium itself is pretty bland and lacks real character.”

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