in Game One of the 2018 World Series at Fenway Park on October 23, 2018 in Boston, Massachusetts.

10 Intriguing Reasons To Watch The Red Sox Versus The Dodgers In The World Series

Photo: Game 1, 2018 World Series at Fenway Park (Getty Images)

It’s here. The 2018 World Series is upon us! Considering the matchup is between the ultra-stacked Boston Red Sox and the Los Angeles Dodgers, this Series features two of the largest markets in the country. Major League Baseball is happy. You should be, too.

There are a plethora of unique storylines surrounding this year’s World Series that even the most casual sports fan can appreciate it. Trust us. It’s worth tuning in.

1. It’s the first time both managers played for both World Series teams.

2. They’re also the first pair of managers of color to meet in the World Series.

They both played together and are still great friends.

3. Manny Machado will likely do something “douchebag” worthy.

Their words, not ours. From throwing bats to spiking infielders, the Dodgers shortstop has quite the history of controversial plays. What will he do next?

4. This World Series is a grudge match 102 years in the making.

The Dodgers and Red Sox have met in the World Series before. In 1916. It was so long ago that Babe Ruth was just a 21-year-old pitcher and the Dodgers were called the “Robins” and were from Brooklyn.

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5. Fall fashion doesn’t leave out World Series heroes.

Red Sox pitcher David Price hates squatchees. A squatchee is the little button on top of the baseball cap. Price usually has them removed, but kept them on in the American League Championship Series, which ended up being some of the best starts of his career. So will he go squatchee or squatchee-less in the Series?

6. It’s incredibly rare the Dodgers and the Red Sox ever play each other.

Since that World Series 102 years ago, the Dodgers are tied for the second-fewest games against the Red Sox in Major League Baseball. In fact, including Tuesday night’s Game One loss, the Dodgers have won only one time at Fenway Park since it opened in 1912.

7. This World Series kicks off the all-time longest gap between World Series meetings.

It’s rare for the Dodgers and Red Sox to play each other, period, but this year’s World Series bridges a 102-year gap between championship matchups that is unprecedented. And it’s not even close. In second place is the A’s vs. Giants World Series that went 76 years between World Series. There’s no question this Series deserves a party.

8. Everyone loves a long ball.

Expect a lot of home runs this Series. During the regular season, the Dodgers averaged 1.43 home runs per game. It doesn’t sound like a lot, but it was the second-most home runs in MLB. The Red Sox averaged 1.27 home runs per game, which was also top 10 in all of baseball.

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9. This Series features two of the most historic ballparks in baseball.

Fenway Park (1912) is the oldest remaining ballpark in existence. Dodger Stadium, although built in 1962, is the third-oldest MLB venue.

Photo: Adam Glanzman (Getty Images)

10. If history repeats itself, the Dodgers are a lock to win the World Series.

Congrats, Hollywood. Time to party like it’s 1988.

Josh Helmuth is a sports reporter in St. Louis who covers the Cardinals and contributes to Mandatory. 


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